Audio Guide read by Frederik Busch

Margaux Corda (Switzerland)

Margaux Corda was Born in Lausanne, Switzerland. She graduated from École Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne with a bachelor’s in visual communication, specialized in photography in 2018. Her work centers on themes of identity, beauty, inheritance and our perception of said themes in the modern occidental society.


Margaux about Blades for Babes

Blade for Babes is a reflection on beauty and innocence for me.
The aim of the project is to question our vision of the feminine and the dictates that we impose on Western women.
Fascinated by certain symbols, I wanted to image a satirical criticism of certain codes and clichés that we are still struggling to question.
Talking about taboos hidden by the superficiality of certain injunctions and the psychological ill-being that awaits every little girl, every woman, behind the violence that society imposes on us. And it is this violence, which I wanted to reverse, by showing that resistance is possible and that it is already coming to life.


The Jury Statement

Margaux hits our theme Breaking Gender Stereotypes on the spot. She combines objects and the human body in a differentiated way that causes an aesthetic disruption.
Far away from a documentary approach and closer to the aesthetics of advertisement, Blades for Babes contradicts an aesthetic that has a strong history of imposing gender roles onto society.