Queer Friedrich - Festival Edition

Jeden letzen Donnerstag im Monat verwandelt sich Heidelbergs Café-Bar Friedrich in das Queer Friedrich. Ab 20 Uhr gibt es queer listenings + get together mit wechselnden DJs, Häppchen und Drinks,… und damit vor allem auch queeres Bartreiben in Heidelbergs Innenstadt.

Special Drink by Friedrich: PINK COLLINS (Schlehe-Hibiskus-Gin-Tonic) 7,50

Do 25.05.23 / ab 20:00

DJs: schmiedepaul + Toby

Cafe Bar Friedrich, Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 1

Eintritt frei

You know you want it. And Heidelberg needs it! On the last Thursday of every month, Heidelberg’s Friedrich bar turns into Queer Friedrich! Starting at 8:00 pm, you can enjoy the best in queer listenings with a fine selection of DJ*s and some very special guests. Why not come along and take a listen? While you try the gourmet snacks and drinks, some interesting extra attractions await to surprise you. Tell your friends, help to inspire Heidelberg’s queer nightlife, and experience an evening to remember!