Social constraints and expectations of gender behavior lead daily human life. The Western idea of the gender binary dominates world views and obscures the real spectrum. Genders exist as manifold as people in this world and yet people are raised to become unattainable prototypes of femininity and masculinity. From boys with long hair to women in executive positions to the simple existence of non-binary and trans* individuals – we are all born into a game that cannot be won. A person’s individual gender identity does not inherently condition if they can achieve their aims; external barriers of gender definitions restrain our ways. Gender is irrelevant. Is gender irrelevant? How can something socially fabricated shape the individual and the collective to such an extent? How is it sustained; how does it evolve? Do we break gender into pieces only to rebuild it?

This year, Queer Festival Heidelberg is again opening its call for its annual exhibition. Professional and amateur photographers are invited to submit a solo or group project. Projects may contain 5-20 photos and must have the contests title Breaking Gender Stereotypes as a central theme. The photos must creatively display facets of constructing, deconstructing and disrupting conventions of gender. Judging criteria are originality, composition, expression of theme and personal expression. The winners projects/works will be shown in a public exhibition during this years Queer Festival Heidelberg as well as in a timeless digital version of the exhibition. Queer Festival Heidelberg is also currently working on potentially showing the exhibition at further European queer festivals.

See the winners of our contest in 2019: „QUEER IDENTITIES IN EUROPE“

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