Audio Guide read by Frederik Busch 

Roger Erickson (USA)

Roger Erickson is from Oakland, California, where he was tutored in fine art photography while studying psychology at San Francisco State University. In the 1990’s his first commissioned, photo assignments were with Motörhead, Neil Young and Crazy Horse for Select Magazine. Afterwards he relocated to London, where he began his career photographing musicians.

He is the first African American to photograph a cover of Vogue Magazine featuring Lily Aldridge in the 2003 for the August Issue of Vogue Mexico y Latinoamerica. Roger Erickson’s work has been exhibited at SFAC Gallery, San Francisco City Hall, One Art Space Gallery, New York City and the Virginia Museum of History & Culture, Richmond, VA.


Roger Erickson about Life without a Parachute

“Life without a Parachute”: Trans, Drag and Androgyny is a collection of LGBTQ portraits of individuals who’ve redefined gender identity in entertainment, military service, politics, sports, education, activism and philanthropy.


The Jury Statement

Roger Erickson depicts LGBTIQ* and gender nonconforming humans as strong, beautiful and powerful individuals. Roger Erickson’s photographic gaze concerns his subjects and models, not so much the audience. Power, Dignity and Tenderness evolve from his specific perspective and can be felt in each grain and pixel. These Images have an empowering nature. The Collection “Life without a Parachute” pays homage to a photo-historic aesthetic in a sophisticated way, yet contradicts an outdated photographic gaze on minorities. Roger Erickson’s portraits strengthen the visibility and noticeability of the LGBTIQ* community, their power and dignity – from within the community.